Tick Tock

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” – Ivan Turgenev

I saw this quotation in my Runner’s World Quote of the Day last week, and its simplicity and truthfulness has stuck with me. I find it especially relevant after the horrific shooting in Newtown. As we all learned, nothing is guaranteed. We can’t predict what our life will be like in two weeks or two years, yet we sit and wait for that “perfect moment” to make a leap into something new.

I do this all of the time. Everyone does. I hear people say, “Next year I’ll run a 5k” or “My diet will start after the weekend.” Hell, I’m guilty of waiting until Monday to start new training plans or workout routines. In our minds we rationalize it as waiting for a fresh start or blank slate. In reality, it’s just an excuse.

This applies to major life decisions as well. It’s tempting to try and control a situation as much as possible to make it less scary. Zack and I have always said that we’d wait to have kids when our student loans are paid off and we have substantial savings. In other words, when we’re 60. It’s troubling to think about starting a family when we still owe so much money, but in reality waiting will only make that dream harder to attain. (Now I’m NOT saying we’re going to start a family soon, I just think that waiting until our 50s is unrealistic.)

Remember these words as you start brainstorming your resolutions or goals for the new year. Don’t wait until January 1st to start living life the way you think you should. You deserve the best at this very moment.

Is there anything that you’re waiting for “the right moment” to do?