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Why not do a pull up in a dress?

It’s that time of year where we reflect on things that have happened the past year and plan for the next. The other day I posted my 2012 fitness highlights, and today I’m writing out my fitness goals for 2013:

  • PR a marathon (and all other distances) I want to get more serious and focus on training, consistency, and speedwork. In particular, I’m chasing a sub-4 marathon.
  • Run my first half marathon It seems silly that I skipped the natural progression of 5K – 10K – 13.1 – 26.2. I want to race the distance in 2013, then do it again faster.
  • Maintain crosstraining I am a bad fitness multitasker. I either have a spurt of crosstraining and ignore running, or jump into marathon training and abandon all other workouts. I know this is counterproductive and will work to maintain a happy medium.
  • Complete 5 consecutive pullups I have a pullup bar that is a great source of entertainment at parties after we’re all a few drinks in, but it doesn’t get much action otherwise.
  • Focus on nutrition I love all foods, but have the weakest stomach when it comes to running, and it’s starting to affect my performance. If I want to become a stronger runner then I need to pinpoint what I’m doing wrong and make sure that I am fueling my body properly.
  • Run a 50K I started this blog at the same time that I started trail running. I ran a 17 mile race in November and loved it. I just registered for a tough 50k in February, so I will hopefully be able to knock this one off of my list early in the year!

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

ADDITION on 1/10/13:

  • Run 1200 miles This seems so easy since I run so much, but last year I slacked off in the late spring and came in at 1,072 miles for the year. This year I want to run at least 1200.


  • Get a defined core Vain. I know. But my core is the one place on my body that I neglect to work out, which ultimately hurts my running form. Strong core = strong runner. So I might as well shoot for the moon and try for some semblance of abs.