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Who reading this post can honestly say that he or she lives a life free of fear? Going through life happily, not worrying about what’s around the corner or what might happen in the future? You have dreams, and you are confident that you can achieve them.

Or, are you like me and so many others who tend to worry more than we should about even minute details? We hesitate to Dream Big in fear that we will fall short and the dreams will never come true.

Fear holds us back from so many things if we let it. We fear rejection. Discomfort. Loss. The unknown. There’s even an acronym for being afraid of missing out—FOMO.

One of the biggest aspects of fear is anticipation. Our minds are our biggest enemies. Are things always as bad, or worse, than we expected them to be? No. Yet we still stress out about things we can’t control and concoct ridiculous scenarios in our heads.

It’s sad when you think about how many dreams go unfulfilled and goals unmet because we are scared to try. It is ingrained in our heads to succeed at everything we do, so we lower our expectations of ourselves just to achieve that success.

Don’t be afraid to Dream Big. Dreams should scare you a little bit. The key is to break the dream down into smaller, more manageable goals. After all, isn’t that what a bucket list is? Dreams that are so big that they may take you an entire lifetime to achieve? They may seem scary and unattainable, but damn it if you don’t complete them before you die.

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Christopher Columbus

I was scared to register for a 50k, because I feared the training that it would take and the sheer thought of running 31 miles over difficult trails. I didn’t want to be stuck in the woods miles away from my car or civilization. I didn’t want to fall and break a bone. I didn’t want to fail.

Looking back, training wasn’t that bad at all. I took it one day at a time, and feel that I am physically and mentally prepared. If I hadn’t pushed past my fear, I would have missed out on hours of solitude running on trails or accompanied by good friends. I wouldn’t know how far I can push myself physically. I would still be running on roads happily, but wondering “what if…”

Yes, I am still nervous as hell for this weekend—especially since the forecast calls for rain. But it won’t be nearly as bad as I had made it out to be in my head, and I will have accomplished something great at the end.

What can you accomplish by letting go of your fears?

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