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Remember my Birmingham – I Run This Town post? Or the time I wrote about thigh gaps? For one reason or another, you guys liked them. And by like, I mean that you made them go viral—well, viral for my blog at least.

I’m a contributing writer for See Jane Write Magazine, a women’s magazine that Javacia Bowser launched in July. Javacia asked me to write my thoughts about these two posts and why I thought they were more successful than anything else I have written.

Here’s a snippet of the post; check out See Jane Write Magazine for the full thing:

“Back in June I wrote “Birmingham – I Run This Town,” a post about my favorite running route in downtown Birmingham, AL. My friends and I ran 14 miles of the Mercedes Marathon route, and I took pictures of my favorite landmarks along the way.

It was something that I had wanted to do for months, but just hadn’t had the opportunity. Like all of my posts, my only goal was to share another one of my running experiences.

And then it took off. My family and friends read it first. Then a handful of bloggers. Then my running friends, who shared it with their friends. Who then shared it with their friends. The first day I had an all-time high for views. The next day those views tripled. When all was said and done, my views were 400% above average.”