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There have been a number of events recently that shook up a certain Birmingham community and made me question how we allow our passions to control our lives. Not a bad “shook up”; more like, “Why the hell do people create drama?”. We’ve all been through the wonder years of high school; you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This particular situation made me take a step back and look at what our passions really mean to us. Why do we have passions? Do we experience them for fun? Is it a social thing—because we feel like we have to? Because our friends do it? Because it’s the cool thing to do? Or, do we participate in activities because we wholeheartedly believe it will build our character, make us stronger, drive others to realize their passions, and possibly even give us recognition?

In my mind, a hobby is something that should make you happy, make you eager to wake up each morning and hit the ground running (or reading, or gaming, or knitting). We spend so much time during the day clobbering away at our keyboards, answering phones and emails, and doing menial tasks that our down time should be our most sacred time. Spend it how you want—happily.

running as a hobby, drama-free life,

Drama-free zone up in here

If your hobby ends up bringing unnecessary drama to your life, is it really a hobby for you? Perhaps your hobby is a surreptitious veil for your desire to make life miserable for others around you, and thus you create drama.

For my friends and me, running is a major part of our lives. After all, runners spend hours each week training. But for most of us, at the end of the day, that’s all it is. Running. A hobby. Perspective, people.

I love running, plain and simple. Sure, I love the people I run with and have made lasting friendships, but when all is said and done, I love running for the sake of running. I love escaping into the woods and being with myself and the trees and animals. I love the searing feeling in my lungs after a hard workout, the sound of my footfalls while the rest of the world silently sleeps. Running is my time. Give me my shoes, my shorts, and I can run anywhere. And if the day comes when running isn’t magical anymore, I’ll stop and find something else that makes my heart sing.

running as a hobby, drama-free life,

This. This is why I run.

So everyone (drama queens and bullies included), just take a deep breath and reevaluate what’s important to you. Because life is way too damn short for drama.