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blog journal, handwritten blog, OCD blogger

Farewell my dear friend, it’s been a great year.

When I started my blogging adventure, I just knew I had to have someone by my side. Then you came into my life. I ran every word of every blog post past you, and together we made some magic happen. Thanks to you, All In Stride has grown into a pretty fun blog.

People questioned our relationship, but you never left my side. “You’re crazy,” they said. “Don’t bother,” they said. Well, forget them all. Writing is a lost art. Computers are overrated.

blog journal, handwritten blog, OCD blogger

Stick a fork in her, she’s done

Your pages hold many memories, and few, if any, mistakes. You let me pour my thoughts into you, and I didn’t leave a single page blank, torn, or dirty. We made a great team. An OCD team, but a great team nonetheless.

You had become known as my serial killer diary, yet you never minded. People would stop and stare. And comment. And stare some more. You didn’t sign up to get passed around and laughed at, but you never complained. You showed off my posts proudly.

I have something to tell you, and it won’t be easy. There’s a new journal in town. She’s younger and flashier, and her pages are ready to be filled with new adventures. But that doesn’t make her better. You will always be my first love. Don’t forget that.

blog journal, handwritten blog, OCD blogger

Jury’s still out on this one – she makes me nervous with her thin pages

This isn’t goodbye. It’s the start of a calmer life for you, with sunlight and freedom from the depths of my purse.

Enjoy your retirement, my journal. You’ve earned it.

blog journal, handwritten blog, OCD blogger

No hard feelings – they’ll be roommates on the shelf come 2015