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January 1st—resolution time! Cliche? Yes. Sometimes necessary? Also yes. Everyone and their mom is drafting up a list of resolutions, or goals, or ideas that will be abandoned even before the Christmas trees get kicked to the curb. So why not join in?

I wrote a goal post last year, and thought it’d be fun to revisit it:

  • PR a marathon—
  • Run my first half marathon—√ x3
  • Cross train—√-
  • Do 5 pull ups—*snort*
  • Better nutrition—√+
  • Run a 50k—√ x3
  • Run 1,200 miles—√ – 1,665 total
  • Get killer abs—HA!

Overall, not too shabby. Room for improvement, but it was a great year. So without further ado, I present my 2014 fitness goals:

  • PR all distances—From marathons to 5ks, I want to put my training to the test and race harder.
  • Run a 50 miler—This past year, I ran farther than I ever dreamed was possible. This year, I know I have so much more to conquer.
  • Cross train—Oh, this sounds familiar. To become a stronger runner I need to focus on overall strength, and actually dedicate the time to do so.
  • Eat more dirt—Both metaphorically and possibly physically. I want to get stronger and faster on trails, which means pushing harder and taking some more spills.
  • Bring back the arms—I will make pull-ups my bitch. Michelle Obama, I’m coming for you!
  • Get confident—I’m no longer a beginner runner, so I need to stop thinking like one. I am strong, so speed work shouldn’t scare me. I belong as much on the trails as anyone, so group runs shouldn’t make me nervous. Confidence makes you a beautiful badass.

What are your goals for the new year?