Been There. Ran That.


Canine Classic 5K, Northport, Alabama

Canine Classic – my first race

  • Canine Classic 5K 26:30 3rd in Age Group
TNT 10K, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

First 10K

  • TNT 10K 54:41 2nd in Age Group
Freaky Friday, Tuscaloosa, Halloween

Risky Business and a soccer player

  • Freak Friday 10K 57:38 1st in Age Group (midnight through a cemetery)


Tuscaloosa Foot Race, trail running, Alabama


  • Tuscaloosa Trail Race time unknown 3rd female overall


Mercedes Marathon, Birmingham, Alabama, running

Smiling…or grimacing at the finish

  • Mercedes Marathon  4:19:22
Dixie 200, relay, running, Atlanta, Birmingham

Dixie 200 team

  • Dixie 200 1st coed team

Color Run, Birmingham, Alabama

  • Birmingham Color Run 

Warrior Dash, Alabama, adventure race

  • Warrior Dash
Mile 11

Mile 11

  • Birmingham Stage Race 3:30:43 5th female overall (17 miles)
Rocket City Mararthon, Huntsville, Alabama

Marathon PR

  • Rocket City Marathon 4:13:26


Red Nose Run, Homewood Alabama

Catching some air

  • Red Nose Run 1:35:14 (10 miles)
Mercedes Marathon Weekend, Birmingham

First half

  • Mercedes Half Marathon 1:51:28

Mt. Cheaha 50k, Talladega National Forest, ultra running, trail running, ultra marathon, 50k training, Alabama

  • Mt. Cheaha 50K 7:22:58

Scottsboro Half Marathon, Tennessee River, Lake Guntersville, Village Runners, PR

  • Scottsboro Half Marathon 1:59:XX

Team 413, Get There and Share Half Marathon, pacing, pace groups, half marathon, Homewood, Alabama, Downtown Homewood

  • Team 413 Get There And Share Half Marathon 1:59:30

NJ Marathon

  • New Jersey Marathon 4:01:45

Oak Mountain, Peavine Falls, Birmingham Track Club, 4th of July, Birmingham

  • Peavine Falls 8 miler

Hotter N' Hell, Southeastern Trail Series, trail running, ultra running, Birmingham, Alabama, Oak Mountain State Park, David Tosch

  • Hotter N’ Hell 9 miler

Free BTC Race, Birmingham Track Club, Oak Mountain, David Tosch, Southeastern Trail Series

  • Free BTC Race 4 miler

Chicago Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2013, Birmingham Track Club, Resolute Running Training Center, marathon race report, fall marathon, sub 4

  • Chicago Marathon 3:56:21

Pinhoti 100, ultra running, trail running, Pinhoti Series, Birmingham Ultra Trail Society, Talladega National Forest, crewing, pacing

  • Pinhoti 100 (pacer)

Tranquility Lake 50K, Southeastern Trail Series, Southeast Trail Runs, David Tosch, ultra running, trail running, Oak Mountain State Park, 50K training, Birmingham Ultra Trail Society

  • Tranquility Lake 50k 6:44:48

Jingle Bell 5K, Birmingham,

  • Jingle Bell 5k 21:57 5th Female, 1st Age Group

9 thoughts on “Been There. Ran That.”

  1. fab pictures!

  2. Impressive!

  3. Were you at the Birmingham Color Run where it was super rainy? That was my first ever 5k and I remember my shoes being soaked before even starting and it being so daggum hilly!

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