Tanya Sylvan

Hello there! I am an advertising-loving, roadtrip-taking, distance running girl looking to share my experiences and thoughts with anyone who will listen.

Don’t let my hybrid Southern accent fool you—I’m originally from Princeton, New Jersey. True to my free-spirited nature, I ventured to The University of Alabama and graduated in 2009 with a degree in Advertising, and will graduate in 2013 with my Master’s in Advertising & PR.

I have been active my entire life. I danced competitively for 16 years and when I stopped, the weight crept on. I hated running with a passion—my version of a Color Run was cursing my husband with every step I took. But I wanted to lose weight and get back into shape, so I mixed running with Insanity and lost 25 lbs. Somewhere along the way I fell hard for distance running. I feel at peace watching the rising sun filter through the trees at mile 15 on a Saturday while everyone around me sleeps.

Mt. Cheaha 50k, Talladega National Forest, ultra running, trail running, ultra marathon, 50k training, Alabama

Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, trail running, 50k training, ultra running

Skipping rocks

A few ultra running friends of mine convinced me that trail running is much more fun and challenging, and promised me that I wouldn’t die if I ran more than 26.2. It seemed like a natural progression—I already loved hiking and spending time in the woods. So in November 2012 I ran my first official trail race, in February 2013 I ran my first 50K, and I plan to run my first 50 miler in December 2013. I’m hooked!

Wedding bells

I married my best friend Zack July 2009 in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. We’re mountain chasers—our favorite vacations are out west to the American and Canadian Rockies, Tetons, and various ranges in Montana. And we drive. Everywhere. If you ever want to test if a person is meant to be your forever friend, go on a 40 hour car ride, spend 5 weeks in a tent with them, then drive 40 hours back home.

Camping, minimalist, backpacking,

Minimalist 2 person tent. 5 weeks. Best time ever.

Grand Teton National Park, mountains, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park

We have 3 puppies—Sasha the Husky mix, Koda the Husky/Malamute mix, and Moose the Golden/Lab/small thing mix. They have endless amounts of energy and always keep us on our toes for better or for worse. We swear Sasha is a spawn of the devil.

dogs, hiking

Hiking a few years ago

Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute

Koda and Sasha

Siberian Husky, snow

Demonic Sasha

I can’t live without:

snow-capped mountains
runs in crisp fall weather
trying new recipes
sleeping under the stars
view-worthy hikes
clever advertising
my three crazy pups
my hubby Zack

Reach out to me – I’d love to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Given it is Autumn you must be in your element…we’ve got Spring (even better!)

  2. Great article.

  3. Wow, great description and beautiful photos! I wish the best of luck in all your endeavors for 2013! Take care.

  4. Tanya, how are you?

    Good news, I would like to personally hand you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

  5. Love your blog! That’s why I’ve nominated you for the Bouquet of Three Award. Congrats. http://thescarredrunner.com/2013/05/20/bouquet-of-three-award/

  6. Fit Journey 50 said:

    Always enjoy hearing what other runners are up to. I can’t imagine running the distances you do but what great adventures!

  7. Fit Journey 50 said:

    Hi. I have enjoyed your blog and nominated you for the Shine On Award!

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